Michael J Smith

Does Accountability Have To Be Bad?

I recently read a story on Yahoo.com about the five most regretted jobs. The first job on the list was cashier. A career coach quoted in the article implied that the reason cashiers regret their job is because they have to be accountable to customers.

The career coach said:

Who feels good going to work every day, needing to be accountable to customers, and then not wanting to and/or not being good at it?

Now that I’m working for a customer-centric company in Amazon, I find that quote a little funny.

Like most, I used to think of accountability as a bad thing. Accountability, to me, meant having to explain, justify, or be responsible for my actions. But working for Amazon has made me change my definition. Now, I view accountability as a choice I make to own my actions.

By changing my definition, I changed my mindset. Instead of thinking of accountability as something I am subjected to, I turned it into something I control. That makes me take ownership of it—it drives me to want to do better for my customers.

It makes me ask myself how I can simplify things for my customers, or how I can deliver results that exceed their expectations. It makes me want to provide better service for them, which in turn makes me good at meeting their needs. I have trouble understanding how that could be a bad thing.

Maybe it’s just me.

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